Kim Thompson

I use acrylics and oils on canvas or gessoed wood panels to produce my paintings. I trained as a wildlife illustrator at Dyfed School of Art, West Wales in the 1980s, and my work in this field has been a strong influence on my painting style with its close attention to detail and vibrant use of colour.  My work is sold through galleries, art fairs and exhibitions in the UK. I have exhibited with the Society of Women Artists, Society of Equestrian Artists, Society of Feline Artists, Exhibition of Wildlife Art, Christie’s wildlife art auctions and I am also a regular artist in residence at Nature in Art, Gloucester.I paint wildlife, nature and animal subjects because they inspire and excite me but also bring me my greatest moments of calm and contentment. This is a challenging subject but immersing myself in the natural world is where I want to be in my work and my life.